Training Center

Training Center

At JD Photo Imaging we are committed to providing you with the all the tools you need to be successful as both a professional photographer and a business owner
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JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack Help Guides

The Basics

Get Started Video - Placing Your First Order

Calibration Prints for First-Time Clients

Using the Cropping Tools

Using the Designer Tools

Order Any Size Print in JDLab2You

Quick Search for Products

Questions about Color Correction from a New Client

Working with Queued and Previously Saved Orders

How to Cancel a JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack Order

Starting a 2nd Order Before the First One is Sent to the Lab

Print an Order Report before Send an Order to the Lab

Using JDLab2You With PhotoShop

Advanced Features

Layout Guides Save You Time Creating Specialty Products, Albums and Photo Book Covers in JDLab2You

JDLab2You & JD Pick-a-Pack Package Builder Explained

Transferring ROES Pager Templates to JDLab2You Favorites

Use Render Feature in JDLab2You to Sell Custom Gifts

Create a Custom Yearbook Print Template in JDLab2You

Add a Custom Watermark to Proofs in JDLab2You

Add Custom Text to Wallets in JDLab2You

Creating Book & Album Templates is Easy in JDLab2You

Fast Proof Book Design Makes Proofing Easy

Photo Book Page Minimums Explained

JDLab2You or Pick-a-Pack Errors & Solutions

JDLab2You May be Blocked By AVG Antivirus

Security Warning During Installation on Apple Mac

"Unidentified Developer" Error When Launching on Apple Mac

OS X Folder Diaglog/Templates File Updates on Apple Mac

MSVCR100.dll is Missing from your Computer" Error on Windows

"Could not create Java Virtual Michine" Error in Windows

Unable to Start JDLab2You, even after you have uninstalled and re-installed Java in Windows

Unable to upload orders: Resolve conflint between Java and Avast Antivirus or Avast Internet Security

LabPrints Video Tutorials & Layout Guides

ImageQuix Online Demo

Calibration Print Image

Calibration Print (Right-click to save file to your hard drive)

Color Calibration 

JD Photo Imaging Lab Catalogs

JD Photo Imaging Lab Forms

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