Finishes & Mounting

Finishes & Mounting


Print Coating
UV protective coating, lustre finish.

Choice of: Satin Matte, Lustre, Canvas and Glossy. All Laminates allow display without the need for glass and will wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Texture is available in Pebble and Irish linen. Texture lends a subtle, irregular texture on the surface that can add a nice finished look to all portrait sizes, while also making the image harder for customers to copy. Lightly applied on small prints and heavier on large prints.

Bevel Mount
40 degree bevel cut on edges of mount board, available in black or gold.

Plastic based mount board that does not warp.

Acid-free paper type mount board.

Is a brown hardboard that provides added strength to your prints. Masonite is only available in standard sizes, this means it can not be cut for custom sizes.

Gator Foam
Has a high density center. It is light weight with a black appearance.

Gallery Wrap
Printed directly to canvas and wrapped around stretcher boards. Either 3/4in or 1 1/2in your choice.

Mural Mount/ Standout Mount
Mural mount is 1.5" board with finished edges. Standout mount is 3/4"
board with finished edges.

Float Wrap
Available in photographic material or canvas printing, wrapped around a mount board with a 3/4" "float" on the back.

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